Amit Inderdeo is not only eccentric and melodic, but he has the ability to captivate the listener’s emotions through the depth and range of his voice.  In his early years, at the age of 7, he was introduced to the tabla by his first Guru, his father, Vishnu Inderdeo. A few years later, Amit’s interest shifted to North Indian Classical Vocals. He began basic training under the strict guidance of Pt. Nandkishore Muley. With his outmost passion for classical music, Amit furthered his studies in vocals with Rajesh Kelkar, a scholar vocalist and professor of The MS University of Baroda. As he evolved vocally after his intensive training, he was able to leave with a distinctive quality to his voice.  Later in his music life he fell in love with the art of Ghazals. He was given the opportunity and the privilege to study this art with renowned ghazal singer, Rajkumar Rizvi, a disciple and the nephew of the Late Mehndi Hassan. He is also fortunate to have mentors such as, Sudhir Narain, Jeetu Shankar & Poet, Arfeenji to guide him along the way.  Amit Inderdeo’s remarkable talent is the product of his diligent nature in music and constant eagerness to learn more. His musical diversity has given him the edge; to not only make him a talented artist, but a well soughed producer and song writer in today’s music industry.
Amit’s proficiency in a variety of musical styles has allowed him to achieve remarkable achievements that allow him to showcase his undeniable talent. A pivotal and historic moment in Amit’s career is when he collaborated with world renowned play back singer Udit Narayan on his Album “Vandana” and India’s beloved Sufi singer Richa Sharma on his new single Maula Hu.  Amit’s talent has no limitations and these collaborations have paved a path for him and flourished new endeavors, opportunities and partnerships with other top notch singers and musicians in the Bollywood Industry. Ultimately in life, he wishes to share his knowledge and musical fever with the world.